Meet us at the EMBL Conference

by Arne Meyer (comments: 0)

Meet us at the EMBL Conference, Heidelberg November 16th - 17th 2017

Sir John Kendrew was both a pioneering structural biologist and the founder of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL). Accordingly, structural biology research and the development of structural biology technologies and infrastructures have always been major focus areas at EMBL. This EMBL conference will celebrate Sir John Kendrew's legacy and the dramatic changes structural biology has undergone since he obtained the Nobel Prize for the X-ray structure determination of myoglobin in 1962.

Leaders of their fields will present their perspective on how revolutionary developments in structural biology techniques, notably X-ray crystallography, electron microscopy and computational modeling, have maintained structural biology at the forefront of biology, providing mechanistic understanding of fundamental biological processes as well as numerous applications to improve human health.

The meeting is open for anybody who is interested how methodological developments in structural biology have dramatically advanced the field. The meeting is of interest for the broad structural biology community. In addition, we particularly encourage EMBL alumni to celebrate with us the legacy of Sir John Kendrew at the EMBL Advanced Training Centre in Heidelberg.

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